Only $1799.00

We can create your own television commercial for you without having to meet. Is that amazing or what? We could gather all the information from you about your business, and from there create a 30 second spot for your commercial. This way your costs stay reasonably low, and the production can also move at a quicker pace. This way, once your commercial is edited and has all the pertinent information, we could get your commercial on the tv very quickly with minimum time. This way no time is lost.  You could see instant results of your television campaign. NEW CLIENTS AND MORE PROFITS! Keep in mind that television advertising is the most effective medium when in comes to advertising. This method is MOST  effective from our past experience with other clients. In regards to the voice (speaker) on the commercial we can do it all for you. We are a ONE-STOP SHOP that has proven results.

We have over thirty (30) years of experience in the production of television commercials, so we can honestly say that you are in good hands.


Based on our low cost pricing and production time we pride ourself as being #1 in the industry.


Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, will provide you with the lowest costs per commercial aired. They have the experience in demographics, the number of people watching your commercial, the time, age group, household earnings, etc. and they know exactly as to where to place your commercials once the production has taken place. In addition, they have super low pricing for packages that can be expanded nationwide as well. So either way, you are in good hands not only with us but with them.